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Occupational Therapy Associates strives to improve the quality of life of our clients and their families. Our dedicated staff embraces the unique potential in every client. Through our skilled clinicians and maximizing family involvement, we instill hope in everyone we serve at a pace for positive change.  Call us at (615) 270-1033 to schedule an in-home or virtual appointment.


At Occupational Therapy Associates, we enjoy the opportunities that our work provides in helping people with the challenges that they face on a daily basis. We believe our work incorporates the multi-faceted skills required in Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy. We provide a unique treatment approach to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We also believe that Occupational Therapists have a specialized and valuable role to play in rehabilitating and habilitating individuals who require assistance.

Why Choose Occupation Therapy Associates?

35+ years of extensive knowledge treating stroke, nerve damage and pain, accident rehabilitation, cognitive changes such dementia, Alzheimer’s disease as well as, cerebral palsy, autism and developmental delay.