Child & Youth Therapy

Child & Youth Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy Associates will evaluate your child, as well as, the environment and daily activity.  We will listen to your concerns, to develop individualized goals that address resuming or pursuing things that are important to your child and family. You and occupational therapist, Maryann, will then work together on a personalized intervention plan to help improve or maintain your child’s ability to perform daily activities. Our focus is on prevention, promoting healthy lifestyles, and addressing mental health. We offer mobile in-home, and virtual services throughout the North Nashville area to include Castalian Springs, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Lebanon and Portland.  Call us at (615) 270-1033 to schedule a call to discover the tools to promote participation for your child.

What Does Occupation Therapy Have to Do With My Child?

Your child’s life is made up of occupations, or everyday activities. These occupations include playing, learning, sleeping, interacting with friends, getting dressed, feeding, eating, and other daily activities. Many of us generally don’t think about a child’s daily occupations until he or she has challenges doing them. Everyone has occupations—from the toddler whose occupations are playing and learning, to the older child whose occupations are being a student and developing the skills to become more independent.

Occupational therapy supports children of all ages—newborns to teenagers—by incorporating the occupations that are important to you and your child into the intervention process, whether it is at school, during rehabilitation, or at a medical facility.

How Can Occupation Therapy Services Help My Child?

Achieve Goals and Develop Life Skills

For example, helping your teenager with a developmental disability gain the skills to transition from high school toward further education, employment, and independent living as an adult.

Stay Healthy and Productive

For example, helping your middle school child develop routines for completing homework assignments and providing fun, safe ways to engage in physical activities.


Participate in Everyday Activities

For example, providing developmental facilitation, age appropriate toys for your infant or toddler so he or she can reach developmental milestones, and developing the skills to interact socially.

Encouraging Participation and Developmental Skills During Youth

The core of occupational therapy is to promote participation. This can mean many things, such as:

Promoting Concentration in School

Supporting Socialization for a Child with Autism

Discovering Ways for a Child in a Wheelchair to Play with Peers

Assisting a Child with a Developmental Disability to Independently Get Dressed

Teaching Children to Play, Write, Draw, etc.

Teaching Children to Self-feed.

Addressing Whatever May Be Your Child’s Particular Skills and Needs